WTF Is Avril Lavigne Doing Making This Dubstep Track ‘Hello Kitty’?

Avril Lavigne Hello Kitty

Even if you think Avril Lavigne is the dumbest music video then you need to watch ‘Hello Kitty’ because you won’t believe how dumb she’s become.

It’s been a while since Avril Lavigne had a really big hit (maybe Girlfriend about ten years ago??) and it seems like she’s more famous these days for being Chad Kroeger’s wife (bleurgh) but I don’t think anyone could have predicted that she would have returned with a song as completely bizarre as this.

The track’s titled ‘Hello Kitty’ and is some weird Avril Lavigne/Dubstep mash up gone horribly wrong.

I know people will probably moan about us sharing this, but it really needs to be seen and ridiculed (or perhaps just understood somehow) by as many people as possible. I mean there are so many questions that need to be asked about this.

Why does Avril Lavigne have a Skrillex haircut? Why is she going for a Japanese theme and singing weird Japanese phrases? Why does it sound like Sleigh Bells? What the hell is she talking about in the song – being a little kitty kat? Is she not a grown woman now as opposed to Sk8r Girl from the year 2000? And most importantly, WHY THE HELL IS THERE A DUBSTEP BREAKDOWN IN THE SONG?  I did like the 20 second outro though I’ve got to admit.

Perhaps even most bizarrely why/how did Chad Kroeger have a hand in writing this?! What the hell does he know about music like this? Can’t he solely write music that middle aged men who think they’re still down with the kids listen to? Perplexing.

If anyone has any idea why this has happened or what is going on then please let us know. It seems like Avril Lavigne is trying to do a ‘Madonna’ and keep relevant by making music in whatever genre is popular at the moment and failing even worse than Madonna at doing that. We can only hope that we don’t have to put up with Avril for as long as we’ve had to put up with Madonna for.

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