Avril Lavigne And Marilyn Manson Have Recorded A Song Together

Marilyn Manson Avril Lavigne

Predictably it isn’t very good, but it’s kind of funny how low these two former celebrities are willing to go in order to try and remain culturally relevant.

Wow. I guess these are the lows that people who are struggling to remain culturally relevant – at least in a ‘now’ way rather than a nostalgia way – are willing to resort to in order to try and get people to talk about them. It’s straight out of the Korn playbook, although instead of partnering with a hip new emerging talent like Skrillex, Avril Lavigne has for some reason decided to hit up the God Of Fuck (yeah, he actually referred to himself as that once) for a collaboration.

And guess what? Yeah, that’s right – it’s terrible. It doesn’t really even sound like a collaboration – Manson sings some pretty non distinct backing vocals and doesn’t seem to have had any other influence on the song, which plays more like a Nickelback B side crossed with Blondie’s ‘Call Me’ than anything else. I guess that isn’t much of a surprise considering who Avril Lavigne is shacking up with these days.

The song itself is called Bad Girl and lyrically is about Avril Lavigne being a slut or something. So she isn’t really breaking any new lyrical or thematic ground there. You can check it out below – even if you don’t want to you should listen to the first three seconds for a really terrible sample.

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