An Assassin Is Trying To Kill Mel Gibson’s Santa Claus In New Movie ‘Fatman’

Bit different.

The fact that Mel Gibson was outed as a massive anti semite about a decade ago means that nobody in Hollywood would really hire him anymore and this means that he’s been making some interesting movie choices, the latest of which is arriving in the form of ‘Fatman’.

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The film sees Gibson starring a 2020 version of Santa Claus with his powers on the wane as nobody really believes him in anymore, but when the US government hires him to deliver a lump of coal to a 12 year old boy he ends up in a whole world of trouble after he kid hires a hitman to kill him. Yes, the trailer looks as stupid as that plotline suggests, and the whole thing is made even weirder by seeing someone like Mel Gibson in it.

Take a look below and see what you think:


Yeah, I think that could be a lot of fun – although I’m not really sure if there’s enough of a plot to really sustain a whole movie – and Walton Goggins playing an assassin looks like inspired casting as well.  Just have to try and forget that Gibson is an anti semite if we want to enjoy it, which isn’t exactly easy. What the hell is wrong with the guy?

For more of the same, check out the reviews for his last movie ‘Force Of Nature’. They were not kind.


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