Art Made From Spilled Coffee By Giulia Bernardelli

A spillage has never looked so appealing.

Normally spilling your hot beverage is the sign that the rest of your day is going to be shit and you may as well go back to bed. But that’s not the case for Giulia Bernardelli. If she spills her drink or drops her ice cream, she gets creative.

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Giulia Bernardelli likes to make art using whatever she finds around her, and recently that has been copious amounts of spilled coffee, some dabs of honey and a couple of cakes. She skillfully transposes an annoying mess into something actually worth looking at. I’m not sure how long these works of art would last in a gallery, I guess that isn’t really the point, but imagine the flies.

Check out her caffeinated works over the next few slides:

Giulia Bernardelli - Coffee Art - Black Art

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