Is The BP Oil Spill Causing Mutant Sealife?

british petroleum

Two years after the BP oil spill. Lo and behold, problems for fish off the coast of New Orleans.

british petroleum

Cast your minds back to April 2010. You might remember BP’s slight hiccup in the Gulf of Mexico. Sorry, hiccup doesn’t quite cut it. Truth be told, calling this oil spill a slight hiccup is like calling Harold Shipman a misunderstood old man. Case in point – 11 dead, 17 injured, a loss of roughly £25 billion in wasted oil and consequential costs, and to add insult to injury, a monumental dive in share prices. Not a good day at the office.

But it’s all sweet now, isn’t it? Share prices are back up and there’s plenty more oil about the place – Iraq and Libya have plenty, so not to worry. Plus, the BP lads have apologised and generously funded the cleaning-up effort. Job done. Two years down the line, everyone should look back at the worst oil spill in history as a distant memory and be thankful it’s all been accounted for and sorted out.

Then again, maybe not…

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Although BP aren’t currently accepting the link between 5 million barrels of spilt oil and newly discovered mutated sea life, I don’t think it takes a genius to connect the dots. Perhaps the company’s independent research into the issue will give some closure, but I’ll have to take the results of that research with a big pinch of salt, a handful even. Let’s face it, with countless claims and lawsuits from fishermen, local residents, and environmental activists pending and forthcoming, BP execs will avoid the verification of this news report’s implications like the plague.

Oh, and in the spirit of giving one of our best petrol suppliers a hard time, read this.


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