Massive Oil Spill In Trinidad And Tobago Kills Fish, Makes Humans Puke

Trinidad and Tobago got hit with a massive oil spill in December 2013. The dead fish keep on rolling in and the company involved are being less than helpful.

Back in December 2013, Trinidad and Tobago’s main oil company Petrotrin had a major disaster in the form of multiple oil spills. No less than 11 spills occurred between the 17th and 29th December. Around 7,000 barrels of oil were jazzed into the beautiful tropical seas around Trinidad and Tobago.

7,000 barrels is a big deal for the sea, for the fish and for the people who live around those parts. In typical oil-dick fashion the company had an internal review, there was an apology and then a less than half-arsed clean up job.

La Brea Coffee Beach Trinidad and Tobago Spill dead fish

Petrotrin have since fired six fairly high level employees but that’s not really helping the locals out. The ex-employees probably got fat pay outs, a sweet pension deal and a yacht. The people of Coffee Beach, La Brea however are dealing with the real beefs.

Hundreds of fish are dying and being washed up on shore. What does a dead fish equal? It equals stench. It would be nice to think that the fishermen now had an easier job, just pick them up off the floor and sell them on. But unfortunately a fish that’s died of oil related shizzle isn’t going to be that ace to eat.

La Brea Coffee Beach Trinidad and Tobago Spill

Petrotrin haven’t really bothered telling the locals whether it’s even OK to get back in the water yet. Ironically the fish that weren’t killed directly by the oil seem to have been killed by the chemical agents used to clear the spill up.

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