Blogger Takes Pictures Of Angry Notes Left On Badly Parked Cars And They Are Hilarious

Only in the UK are people this passive-aggressive.

We all know that annoying feeling when someone has parked in a really stupid way or taken up space with their obnoxious massive car.

It can be truly irritating and in some areas of the world people decide to just take the matter into their own hands.

But in the UK we like to use a much more effective comeback by writing passive aggressive notes to inconsiderate drivers and more often than not it just seems really silly and petty.

In particular Bristol seems to have a lot of crappy drivers as local blogger Dan Mehmet decided to start taking photos of all of the notes he could find.

He said:

What do you know about the city of Bristol? The most important thing to know is this: parking your car is fraught with danger.

Get it wrong, and your windscreen wiper will become a paper clip for a handwritten reprimand.

When I realised this was how Bristol’s car owners spoke to each other, I started photographing their work.

The resulting pictures are really funny – take a look for yourself.

Collect photos of various notes left on badly parked car around Bristol.A blogger has created a funny gallery of passive aggressive notes he spotted on badly parked cars around Bristol. See swns story SWNOTES. Dan Mehmet noticed people who lived near his home in Bristol were partial to penning hateful messages for fellow drivers over their seemingly inconsiderate parking. He started taking photos of the humorous notes and posted a collection of his favourites the website for this video creation company, Sparcol. Among the best was an irate 'Mr Banks' who penned a neat note to ask a driver who blocked his driveway "Are you drunk?" Another less polite local used a thick marker to write an A4 sized message - "Do NOT Park Youíre Car like AN ASS AGAIN 'DICK'". Leaving a more permanent reminder, one person wrote their warning on the ROAD in spray paint - "BEWARE PARKING FINE HERE".Dan, from Bristol, said: "What do you know about the city of Bristol? The most important thing to know is this: parking your car is fraught with danger.



car5 (feature image)


I love how much the range of eloquence and anger changes between each note.

It looks like some people like Mr S Banks had time to digest their anger and turn their note into a true dig:

Were you drunk? You are certainly very selfish.

And then there’s the complete contrast impulse note written mostly in caps:

Do not park you’re car like an ass again ‘dick.’

Charming. Nearly as charming as this guy who drove off with his girlfriend’s hair trapped in the window. She’s going to need at least two sides of A4 to write a note long enough for that.


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