Watch This Insanely Strong Dude Pick A Car Up With His Bare Hands And Move It Out Of A Cycle Lane

Insanely Strong Guy Lifts Car

There was absolutely no way this guy was going around that parked car.

When you’re cycling along and some prick has parked in the cycling lane it’s going to annoy you but you probably aren’t going to do anything about it except maybe cycle around it and flip him off whilst you’re doing so. Maybe write him a note if you’re feeling really passive aggressive.

However, this unknown hero was having none of it down in Brazil somewhere. Upon seeing the car parked in the cycle lane he got in such an obscene rage that he literally picked it up with his bare hands and moved it out of the way. That’s some Incredible Hulk shit right there.

As strong as this guy who was recently able to pin down two police officers with his bare hands too though? We though he had superhuman strength at the time, but this Goliath from Brazil might have the edge on him. Let us know what you think.

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