Worst Boyfriend Ever Drives Off With His Girlfriend’s Hair Trapped In Car Window

I can’t believe people like this actually exist.

This disturbing video was uploaded onto Liveleak earlier, featuring some pure wasteman ‘punishing’ his girlfriend by trapping her hair in the car window and driving off.

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Before driving off, this is what he says:

This is what you do when people wanna act up. Pull her hair through the window, roll the window up and hit the gas.

What a tough guy. Watch below:

Needless to say, that is pure scumbag behaviour. Filming it just takes the whole thing to the next level, though I guess this guy’s stupidity could pay off in that the footage incriminates him.

Maybe the police will get to him before the girl’s brothers/cousins/friends do. With any luck someone will be there to film that too, just like when this A+ payback was dished out on some street thug last year.


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