Amanda Holden Says She Enjoys Being Wolf-Whistled: ‘I Don’t Care If It’s Sexist’

Fair play.

Amanda Holden has already confessed plenty of times that she lives for compliments about her appearance. Well it now looks as though she just enjoys being perved on in general, as she revealed to Women’s Weekly Magazine this week:

I still want to get wolf whistles in my 70s, and I don’t care how sexist that is. I want a builder to give me a little “oi, oi” when I walk past. I want to be tooted at by men or women when I’m walking the dog!

Girl power! She then encouraged other women to adopt the same attitude, no matter their age or body type:

The only way to change things is to not give a damn. I think all the women I engage with are like that and hopefully, by reading about and seeing us, other women feel championed and brave enough to take a few risks, whatever their age or body shape.

Well when you look as good as Amanda Holden does at 51, it’s probably fair enough to want to flaunt it and be told how attractive you are, in no uncertain terms. Especially since Amanda doesn’t really get the credit she deserves as one of the all-time MILFs that Britain has produced.

Still, I’m not sure the Mumsnet types will appreciate Holden encouraging this sort of behaviour from builders and chavs in cars and whatnot. Fair play to her though if she’s happy to tell us that her self-esteem comes from men loudly and publicly appreciating her appearance. Go Amanda Go!

For the time Amanda dressed in skintight PVC for her Morticia Addams Halloween outfit, click HERE. I’m sure you can guess what the reaction to that was online.


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