Amanda Holden Wins 2019 Rear Of The Year For ‘Shapely And Well-Toned Bum’ (NSFW)


We’re almost 9 months into the year but it looks like the Rear of the Year award has already been decided – no easy feat.

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Give it up for your 2019 winner – 48-year-old Amanda Holden, as decided by 12,000 online votes.


Racking up over 12,000 online votes, the 48-year-old beat competition Holly Willoughby, Rachel Riley, and the Duchess Of Sussex to nab the coveted title.

Though celebs like Kim Kardashian may have brought a bombastic booty into fashion, the judges praised the Britain’s Got Talent star for her “understated rear”.

Speaking about the achievement, competition organiser Tony Edwards explained why Amanda had taken over the title from last year’s winner — Michelle Keegan.

He said: “She has a particularly shapely, well-toned and, above all, proportionate and understated rear — in contrast to the somewhat exaggerated, fake, cosmetic look for bottoms, recently imported from the USA.”

Loving the shots at the USA there. Doubt even they’d have too many disputes about the winner though:

Pretty outrageous to look that good at 48, but then I guess that’s why she can go and win things like Rear of the Year even if it isn’t the most obvious choice IMO. Very prestigious indeed. Big ups to Amanda Holden.

Is she any match fo Elizabeth Hurley though? Check her out at 51. Wow.


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