Alleged Neo-Nazi Donut Shop Releases Statement Explaining That They’re Not Racist

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One of the more surprising developments from the Black Lives Matter movement is that a coffee and donut shop in Leeds was accused of being run by neo Nazis and a tonne of evidence was collected to support this theory.

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The shop itself – Temple Coffee And Donuts – has been roundly condemned on social media since the revelations at the start of the week and hadn’t released any kind of statement until yesterday, when their Instagram account re-appeared along with the following video of both of them attempting to explain their actions. You can check that out below:


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We cannot comment any further as we do not want to prejudice the ongoing investigation or breach anybody’s privacy.

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Well, that definitely shows how a social media witch hunt can totally ruin your life doesn’t it?

Not really sure what to make of it, the woman clearly seems super upset about the whole situation and you can’t really blame her given the mob mentality that has been aimed at her and her family, but I suppose the question is do they deserve it or not? I doubt anyone is going to come out and admit that they’ve been secretly trolling us as Neo-Nazis and racists all this time, so they’re no doubt going to try and pass it off as ignorance or a misunderstanding, but the question is whether or not you believe them?

I really don’t know to be honest. There seems to be too much evidence against this Simon Erl guy that it can’t be a coincidence, but I guess until you find definitive proof you have to give him the benefit of the doubt. Hard one.

Whatever the case on that though, you can’t ignore the racist actions of one of their staff members, but again if they didn’t know about that like they’re claiming are they not worth a second chance if they sort out that aspect of their organisation and get their house in order? Again, it’s a difficult one and I guess we’ll have to see how they react to this situation to see if they’re worth supporting in the future.

For more of the same, check out what happened at this Neo-Nazi festival in Germany. Great story.


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