A to Z Of The Smallest Weirdest Stuff (N-Z)



Welcome to part two of this stroll down the winding side road of the weirdest smallest stuff. Shrink your brain to the size of a pea and lets walk like Lilliputians through the Parthenon of microscopy.

N) Smallest New York Apartment

Smallest weirdest stuff - New York Apaprtment Convent Avenue

New York, 14 Convent Ave. You get 100-square-foot apartment for $1,275 a month. No thanks. You probably could swing a cat but you would bash its brains out on the walls. On the plus side, it wouldn’t take too long to clear the blood and brains up off the tiny floor space.

Yeah $1,275 a month. It is slightly bigger than a jail cell, but you get jail space for free so…

O) Smallest Owl

Smallest weirdest stuff - Elf Owl in Hand

The elf owl is just 12 or so centimetres long. What a cutie. They’re native to the southern states of America and Mexico. At just 40g it’s the lightest owl too. Like most owls they love eating insects at night and have a lovely rest during the day. They often live in holes made by woodpeckers in cacti. And no, you can’t have one as a pet. Not legally any way.

P) Smallest Pub In Britain

Smallest weirdest stuff - Pub - The Nutshell

There’s a few pubs vying for the privilege of being referred to as the smallest pub in Britain, but The Nutshell in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk has a pretty strong case. The pub measures 4.57 Ã— 2.13 m and in 1984, a record number of 102 people squeezed into the pub.

Other pubs trying to take the title have cheated by having substantial outdoor seating, in The Nutshell there is no such breezy luxury. Like many English pubs they’ve filled any dead space with objects of “interest”. They host a number of weird items including a mummified cat and an aeroplane propeller apparently.

Q) Smallest Quadcopter

Smallest weirdest stuff - Quadcopter

‘Q’ is a difficult letter to deal with, whether you’re playing scrabble or putting together a list like this. I was going to run with the smallest Queen – Matilda of Flanders – who was reported to be 4’2″, but then I found out that was actually made up and she was probably a pretty normal height. After wandering down that dead-end I came across a video that boasts the smallest quadcopter in the world. I’d never even heard the word quadcopter before today and now I’ve written it down three times already. It is a pretty cool little gizmo if you like that sort of thing, but I have no idea if it really is the smallest. But it’s defo small:


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