10 Bets That Will Win You Money In The Pub

whisky glass

This one’s for you broz looking to make a bit of cash on the side, or for you broz who have no life.

whisky glass

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking – why the fvck is there a picture of a really nice whisky glass here? Surely the Sick Chirpsers don’t drink whisky out of a glass, they’d just slug it out of the bottle, and besides they wouldn’t be able to afford such nice glasses.

Well, fvck you, dude. We may drink whisky out of plastic cups but we don’t drink it straight from the bottle. Only sometimes. Everyone deserves to drink something from a cup/glass/whatever. It’s like wiping your arse. Everyone deserves to wipe their arse. Just try not to wipe your arse with a cup or a glass. We don’t want another goatse around here, do we?

The reason that picture of a whisky glass is there is because of the content of the video you’re about to watch. I mean, to try the bets you must be really desperately poor/have no friends/are a cunt and the people you’re doing it to, if they actually give you the £, must have had about 83 bottles of whisky. So there. That’s the way I’m thinking of it, anyway, because I dunno anyone who’d actually part with their money for these bets or tricks or whatever you wanna call them. That’s probably because I’ve got a good bunch of boyz around me but it could be because none of us ain’t that sad.

However, the tricks would be good to do in some house party you’re in and there’s a bunch of losers there who’ll do anything to impress the girl with a cunt like a wizard’s sleeve who’s so drunk she looks like she’s having a fit. Even if that means losing £20, they might do it so the video’s worth watching because of future investment.

This one’s for you broz looking to make a bit of cash on the side and some of them are actually pretty decent. When you win buy one of our t-shirts with your dollar. Nice one.

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