9-Year-Old Cries With Excitement When Mum Surprises Her With Trip To A Donald Trump Rally

America is completely screwed and here’s the proof.

What the actual fuck is going in America? No matter what Donald Trump does, people love him over there. Doesn’t matter if he forces young girls into awkward dance routines or proudly states he could get away with murder, the man can do no wrong in some Americans’ eyes.

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9-year-old Ava from Maine, for example. She literally CRIES when her mum tells her they’re going to see Donald Trump live in the flesh:

What. The. Fuck. Seriously, you’re nine years old. You should be crying tears of joy over Disney Land, not a trip to a Donald Trump rally. It’s legitimately incredible how many people Donald Trump has wrapped around his little finger. No wonder he’s so far ahead in the polls if he’s got little girls like Ava lapping up everything he says.

Politics — I’ll just never understand them.


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