This £800 Cristal Cheeseburger Is The Indulgent Meat Feast That No One Asked For

Cristal burger

Unnecessary luxury.

It’s been a while since we’ve made your mouth water/repulsed you (depending on which way you’re inclined with regards to diet) with an Epic Meal Time video, so I thought what better time to bring one back than on a Sunday morning? You’re probably all hanging which means that this is almost definitely going to urge you into ordering a takeaway. Do it.

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Anyway, today we’re covering a video showing the EMT guys making a $1000 (nearly £800) cheeseburger by loading the thing with expensive ingredients including fancy cheeses, pancetta, bone marrow, truffles, and a butt load of Cristal champagne.

They literally put Cristal in everything – from the bun to the burger to the chips to the ketchup to the onions. It is outrageously indulgent and will 100% make you crave a juicy burger:

That is unnecessary indulgence, but then I guess that’s the business these guys are in. We go to them to watch a bunch of guys make disgusting, calorific fast food hybrid monstrosities and they never disappoint. Keep up the good work guys.

For more EMT videos, check out this cheeseburger made out of 84 cheeseburgers. Ridiculous.


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