Eight Of The Most Outrageous Bets You Can Put On The McGregor/Mayweather Fight


The countdown begins.

The countdown for the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor superfight is underway, with only a couple of days left until we get to see one of these guys secure the biggest victory/biggest loss in their fighting career.

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With the consistent hype came the many wagers that have been placed on who’s going to win and as such, it’s become the most bet-on fight in history. While most of these are straightforward calls on which fighter is going to win and when, there are some alternative options if you’d like to make things interesting. Betting aggregator Bonus Code Bets has created a list of some of the weirder bets you can make for the fight – check it out:

  • The referee to be knocked down by a punch (100/1)
  • Nate Diaz to walk Floyd Mayweather in before the fight (5/1)
  • McGregor to win and immediately retire from all contact sports (33/1)
  • McGregor to be disqualified in round one for a choke hold (250/1)
  • Both fighters to be knocked-out simultaneously (250/1)
  • McGregor to be disqualified for throwing a kick (12/1)
  • McGregor to not land a punch (50/1)
  • Either to win in 60 seconds (20/1)


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Interesting. I don’t know how much money I’d want to put on any of those, but then I’ve never been much of a gambler. If you reckon that McGregor might not land a punch or the referee might get knocked down then why not try your luck and place a cheeky bet? You never know, it might pay off.

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