Rate My Takeaway’s Danny Is Expecting Baby Despite Having Vasectomy

Now then guys, how ya doin’?

Rate My Takeaway’s Danny Malin, 43, has notched up over 100M views stuffing his face with pizza and kebabs on YouTube, which has to be one of the most enviable jobs on the planet. Well, Danny is now expecting his greatest delivery yet – a bun in the oven, with 34-year-old belly dancer girlfriend Sophie Mei Lan.

Which is a bit weird, considering he had a vasectomy in 2013. Which means either the doctors didn’t do a very good job or this is going to be Danny and Sophie in 9 months:

Well, I guess he could blame it on all the black puddings he’s been eating.

Danny first met Sophie last year when she interviewed the 22st Yorkshireman on her own YouTube channel, Sophie’s World. They were engaged a month later, and Danny’s overprotective fanbase immediately suspected Sophie was using him for clout and VIP treatment at takeaways around the country. So hopefully this latest news indicates that she’s in it for the long run, as does the fact they’re tying the tubes knot this summer.

Danny says:

The bubba is a miracle child and is cooking nicely in Sophie’s tummy.

I had the snip in 2013 but I am the one in 2,000 where it fails. My tubes, I’m told, must have joined up again.

Danny Malin's Yorkshire girlfriend Sophie Mei Lan's life from Britain's Got Talent to romance - Leeds Live

Not only that – since meeting Sophie, Danny has has gone down to 19st 5lb through eating more healthily and exercising.

As my belly shrinks, Sophie’s is nicely growing. I’ve told her she is joining my fat club and now she knows what it’s like to be a fat person!

Mr and Mrs Yorkshire are having a baby together. Credit: dannymalinofficial/Instagram

Back in 2007, Sophie belly-danced her way to the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent:

You’ve got to be thrilled for Danny who always seemed like one of the most likable blokes on the internet and is basically a National Treasure at this point. Sounds like being with Sophie is doing wonders for his sperm count too. Best of luck to the happy couple and their incoming arrival!

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