8 Awesome Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit

Fed up with breaking into places with low-grade security? Try some of these for size.

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Earth has a butt load of things to do and see, but it’s always the places you can’t get into that you want to see the most. The sheer number of people breaking into abandoned buildings and rocking up at Chernobyl are testimony to that.

Below are 8 places you are very unlikely to set foot in. If you do manage it, let us know and we’ll high-five you thoroughly.

1) Lascaux Caves

Places You Can't Visit - Lascaux Caves

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Blocked off from public eyes and more importantly public fingers and moisture, the Lascaux Caves are incredible. They hold some of the oldest human art found on earth.

Estimated to date back 17,300 years, the images of extinct creatures are breathtaking. It’s hard to put your brain into the space of a human 17,000 years ago and imagine what they were thinking or feeling whilst they were painting. But to help you get an idea of the timing here are a couple of the animals that were around at the time:


Places You Can't Visit - Mammoths

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Giant Land Sloth

Places You Can't Visit - Giant Land Sloth

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So, yeah, it was quite a while ago, and you’re not allowed to go and look at it, so there.

The caves were blocked off to the public in 1979 due to a spate of fungal based beefs, now a security guard pops in for a couple of minutes once a week. Shame really, but I guess it’s a necessity.

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