7 Weirdest Alien Planets

The Universe is mad and here’s your proof. We’ll meet planets similar to balsa wood and sunsets like on Tatooine.

5) HD 188753 (A Bit Like Tatooine)

Weirdest Planets - HD 188753

HD 188753 is a triple star system. One of the planets in this system is similar to Jupiter but more importantly, if you were sat on its surface you would be able to enjoy a triple sunset, just like in Star Wars. The only problem is, it’s pretty darned hot so you couldn’t relax without some kind of impossibly powerful flame retardant outfit.

HD 188753 is located 149 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus. The main star is pretty similar to our Sun but the other two form a tightly bound pair which kind of spin about together.

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