7 Things You Can Do With Your Dead Body


Why fear death when there are so many cool things you can do with your lifeless body? In China, dead people can even get married.


Donate Your Body To Science

Lived an empty, worthless existence? There may be use for you yet. Donate your body to science and your kidneys could allow alcoholics a second chance at drinking themselves to death. Alternatively, Maybelline could use your dead body to run tests and ensure their new mascara range doesn’t burn through human skin.

Sperm Donor Card

Get Married

Okay, this one doesn’t actually solve the problem of what to do with your physical body but it’s still something to consider — if you live in China, that is. This is a special option for spinsters and bachelors who in death want one last shot at achieving social acceptance, by being sold off to living brides and grooms. The idea is also that it will make you happier in the afterlife.

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