7 Foods From Our Childhood That We Want To Eat Right Now

Panda Pops and Taz Bars anyone?

Spice Girls Pizza


Earlier this year Posh Spice’s Mum found one of these bad boys deep in the back of her freezer and we’ve been craving one ever since Victoria Beckham tweeted the damn thing. Each letter has a different topping that corresponds to what one of the Spice Girl’s would usually have on their pizza. We’re assuming the flavours were made up for them by someone on the marketing team because nobody’s favourite topping is solely onion, is it Mrs B? Maybe she should try and spice up her slice. Ha. Hahaha.

Branded pizzas definitely need to make a comeback because if there’s one thing that would make me actually start liking One Direction it would be the ability to eat Zayn Malik’s cheese and tomato covered face.

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