7 Foods From Our Childhood That We Want To Eat Right Now

Panda Pops and Taz Bars anyone?

Taz Bars


If you’re one of those who are adamant that Taz bars are just caramel Freddos in a Looney Tunes disguise, then click away now because you have never been more wrong. No offence to any frogs who might be reading this but they’re definitely way lame in comparison to the hero that is Taz. He even had his own TV show which was amazing until you started spinning around trying to imitate him after eating too many chocolate  Tasmanian devils. What have frogs ever done? Nothing good that’s for sure. We swear they taste way better too, but that’s probably in our heads.

Cadburys have a habit of taking away all our favourites. Remember the white chocolate centred Snow Flakes? Fuse? Dreams? Even their classic Christmas chocolate coins that come around every holiday season made it to the discard pile this year. They’re unfortunately all lying in the Cadbury cemetery of delicious snacks past. RIP chocolatey friends.

Also did Freddo get a degree or something in the last few years, when did he get so expensive? Our old pal Taz only cost 10p.

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