7 Characters Found Working In Every Shop

Granny In Gun In Supermarket

These 7 characters inhabit every shop floor ecosystem. See if you can put a name to them.


Young Man In Suit

The ‘Dude’ Manager started the job part-time for beer money, and before he knew it, was swallowed whole by The Man and his pinstriped shirt.

They use the language of those who enjoy life in an attempt to soften the tone of their demands and give off a hip, matey vibe.

“You’re going to have to stay an hour later today, dude.”

You’ll be having a chat, thinking ‘hey this guy’s alright, you know.’ Then they’ll catch themselves getting too close to their captives and switch up on you in an instant. Their facial expression will revert to career aspiration mode as they bark some task at you.

“Could you rigorously date-check those 3,000 bits of cheese please, bud?”

They begin orders with ‘could you’ or ‘would you like to’, as if it were an option.

When they chat to you, it’s cool. But if you try to initiate a non-work related convo with them, they’ll shoot you a stern glare, and say “Come on now, lets get back to it, matey.”

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