7 Characters Found Working In Every Shop

Granny In Gun In Supermarket

These 7 characters inhabit every shop floor ecosystem. See if you can put a name to them.


Two Men Walking 

There’s always one guy, with whom your entire relationship consists of passing in the corridor, with a…

“Alright mate.” or “Alright mate?”

Depending on the initiator’s intonation and the receiver’s interpretation.

“Alright mate.” or “Yeah mate, yourself?”

Generally, the more you refer to a work mate as mate, the less of a mate they really are.

You only ever seem to cross paths with this mystery vagabond in transit. You know not their name or their story. Only that they work here, they are your mate and that they are alright.

A mobile inquiry to your Alright Mate will never trigger a negative reply or a participant unloading their woes. It is nothing more than a time honoured formality, that binds the retail trade together.

Very occasionally, nature’s balance upset, you will find yourself walking in the same direction, at the same speed, heaven forbid, to the same destination. If this is the case, you’ll extend your textbook greeting, in accordance with retail conversational law…

“What time you working ‘til, mate?”

Then, depending on the reply.

“Oooooh not too bad, nearly done.” or “Oooooh shit, hang in there.”

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