6 Year Old Girl Sings Death Metal Song On America’s Got Talent

6 Year Old Death Metal Vocalist

America’s Got Talent always has a bunch of weirdos on it but this might be the most surprisingly awesome entry yet.

I don’t ever tune into America’s Got Talent (or Britain’s Got Talent for that matter) but when I saw the name of this clip I just had to watch it. I mean I know you get some weirdos on America’s Got Talent but you’ve actually gotta be kinda talented to be a death metal vocalist so it’s actually pretty impressive that a six year old girl would be able to do it.

You also know it’s going to be pretty funny when you see the look on the washed up celebrity judge’s faces and all the people in the audience when this cutesy little girl (I didn’t know she was going to be cute but you just kind of assume they’re super cute when they’re described as a six year old girl right, there isn’t any other way of thinking about it is there?) comes out and they’re expecting her to sing My Boy Lollipop or something but then she busts into some deep guttural growling. It’s gonna be killer right?

The video itself is even better than I imagined because it includes all the backstory of her growing up and wanting to learn to sing blah blah blah so it really sets you up for the payoff. And boy can that girl growl. The drummer kinda sucks though. Just in case you’re wondering her name is Aaralyn and her brother (who she performs the song with) is called Izzy and it’s an original performance of a song they wrote together called ‘Zombie Skin.’

If there was a way you could type the metal sign right now then I would do that, but instead just imagine me doing it I guess. Check out the video below:

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