5 Dickhead Bosses And How To Beat Them At Their Own Game

Horrible Boss

Working sucks: FACT. Here’s part three of our office survival guide. Today we cover five common types of boss and how to defeat them.

2) The Communist

Worst Type Of Manager - Communist

The Communist will try to make you believe that you are valued and that all parts of the business bastard are equal. This is a lie, that’s why he gets paid more than you. If you left the company they could probably replace you with a robot that would get the job done a lot more efficiently and with fewer tears and less swearing.

The Communist wants you to feel needed and important so that you will work harder without getting paid any more for your time. Do not allow this to happen. Remember you are NOT valued, you are AVERAGE at your job. Why do you think you get paid so little?

The other problem with the communist approach is that if the manager frigs something up, the whole team shares the blame, even if it was his fault alone. This is unacceptable. In the office as in real life, communism is a great idea utterly ruined by human nature.

These guys are pretty tricky to deal with, because of their shared ideals it’s difficult to hide away. It seems like a bold move but you may have to oust this red cap yourself. One word: sabotage.

Start making errors, nothing big and nothing that he will notice too easily. Over time this barrage of errors will make him seem less competent as a manager. A more desperate approach might be to wait for an opportune moment and search for “hairy Chinese women breast-feeding pigs” on his PC. Click on some images and then close the window. Do this once or twice a day, and always with the same weird search term. One sweep by the IT internet police and the guy is toast.

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