5 Things Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight

Out of shape? Looking to lose weight? Check out the downsides first.

4. Keeping Weight Off Is No Fun

Workout Diary

Your previous lifestyle was easy. The food groups are pretty much all represented in a burger, full fat cola tastes better and good GOD, sitting around is awesome. You can’t do that any more. At least, not as often. Now you have to go jogging. Thin people jog not to lose weight, but to stay in shape. They talk to each other about kettle bells and their heart rate, they comment on each other’s lunches and actually plan what they eat rather than yielding to the magnetic pull of cheese. They do all ofthis all the time, it’s outrageous. You’ll do it too, and you’ll look back on dipping Pringles in garlic mayonnaise with diet tears in your diet eyes.

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