5 Things Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight

Out of shape? Looking to lose weight? Check out the downsides first.

Are you carrying a little extra timber? Looking to make the change from ‘plus size’ to just…’size’? Well, good for you. I was once in your comfy shoes, a restless ‘larger chap’ who grew tired of wheezing up stairs and lusting after whichever novelty creations the crazed maniacs at Domino’s had come up with most recently. Candy floss crust or whatever.

Through a shitty strict diet and heaps of hard work, I made the promised land. My BMI dropped from nearly 30 to 22. I no longer apologised before taking the last biscuit. I no longer even wanted the last biscuit.

So that’s it, right? The happy ending, the story tied off with a little bow. Well, not quite. There are a few things ‘they’ don’t tell you about losing weight. A few things that are as big a pain in the arse as I used to be a fan of pasties. Read on for the five things nobody tells you about losing weight.

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