5 Golden Rules Of A B2B DJ Set


Being asked to do your first B2B set can be daunting, what’s the rules? Here are some brief guidelines to help you avoid coming over like a massive amateur.

4) Stay Alert

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When you’re spinning your own magic you’re bound to be paying attention to all the knob twiddling you’re doing, and that’s great. But make sure you’re paying some attention to what your co-DJ is up to when it’s his bash. See where he’s taking the room, can you learn anything from his skills? Work with what he’s doing and you’re more likely to get a coherent set off the ground.

Don’t just stand there chatting with your mate, your B2B man is weaving his magical spell and to have you talking to your boys about how fly you are is not constructive for either party. Like the green cross code: stop, look and listen. That way, if the juggernaut of joy comes hurtling towards you, you’ll be better prepared.

5) Team Work Makes The Dream Work

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As discussed above, it’s imperative that you avoid crowding and fiddling during another man’s tunes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t converse. Ask the fella what he reckons about your next choice of tune, that’ll make him feel special and you can craft your set a bit easier.

It’s not wrong to give advice back about his choices either, just make sure you don’t come off like a doosh or some kind of control freak. It’s a tricky line to walk. You’re not the boss of the operation, but you’re not the subordinate either. Basically don’t be a div and you’ll be OK.

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So there we go. There’s 5 pointers that will hopefully help you achieve what B2B is all about:

a) not getting on anyone’s tits

b) getting the floor shifting

c) not coming across like a pillock

d) no injuries

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