5 Golden Rules Of A B2B DJ Set


Being asked to do your first B2B set can be daunting, what’s the rules? Here are some brief guidelines to help you avoid coming over like a massive amateur.

2) Crowding

B2B DJ Set

Sort of the opposite of the rule above: don’t get up in your B2B buddy’s grill. He’s working. It’s good to be mindful of what he’s doing and what he’s planning, but you’re not in MI5, this isn’t a Bond film. Just watch and listen from a respectable distance.

Pouring over your partner’s every move is akin to reading a stranger’s newspaper over their shoulder on the train. Let the boy concentrate, and although I don’t know you, I’m assuming you’ve got beer breath at this stage and no one can think clearly with that stink guffing into their pipes.

Basically, look like you’re interested but keep an arm’s length away at all times. Unless you can sense a high-five moment approaching.

3) Aural Assault

Back 2 Back DJ

B2B sets are often considered battles, but really the point of a B2B set should be the same as any DJ set. You want the crowd to have a good time, you want them to come with you on a magical swooping fairyland adventure with all the dips and peaks of a Hobbit film. The temptation can be to spin nothing but dance-floor slayers after dance-floor slayers. Don’t.

You’ll knacker the crowd and probably bum out your partner if all you’re doing is playing the most high-octane tunes in your collection. You need to take your time like you normally would, slip in some chillers to get the crowd juicy for when the big boys roll into town. No one likes a show off.

This is not a race, people…

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