5 Bizarre Rural British Customs That Somehow Still Exist

A Still From The Wicker Man

Here’s a look at some of Britain’s time-honoured country traditions, from the confusing to the downright bizarre…

4. The Dorset Knob Festival

Penis Chucking

Have you ever woken up with the irresistible urge to enter a Knob Eating competition? I know I have. But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not try a spot of Knob Painting? A Knob & Spoon Race? Guess the weight of the Big Knob? No? How about Knob Darts? Or even a Knob Pyramid? Still nothing?

Well, either way, each year the village of Cattistock in Dorset (not Amsterdam, not Berlin…Cattistock) plays host to the improbably named Dorset Knob Festival, a fun-filled and life-affirming celebration of all things knob-related. The above-mentioned activities are all genuine festival events that delight men, women, children (and probably animals) year after year. But before you get too excited, I should point out that a Dorset Knob, in this sense, is actually just a type of biscuit. A small, hard, white biscuit. Which is normally enjoyed smothered with cheese.

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