27 Hilarious Photos From Russian Social Networks

The best/worst Russian social network profile pics of the year.

Everyone’s got a mate who uploads pictures of himself to Facebook where he looks like a total div. He’s not even joking or mucking about either, he just has a spack look about him for some reason. Everyone knows someone that is photogenically challenged. For instance, all of my friends know me.

There must be some sort of statistic to be worked out… bear with me… if everyone has an average of 100 FB friends and everyone knows someone who looks like a div, that means that 1% of all humans look like a div. Multiplying that out across the earth means there are roughly (and this is just a ball park figure), 70 million people who look like divs globally. No wonder the aliens don’t visit.

Regardless of the exact numbers (graphs to follow), I found the following riot of photos on a Russian site this evening. They’re supposed to represent the best images from Russian social networks from 2014. I can’t argue with that either way, but to me all of these guys are winners.

Russian Social Network - Best Party

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