19 Enlightening Confessions Of Sex Addicts

Sex Addiction

The struggle is real.

We’ve featured the secret sharing app Whisper and some of its revelations – like these about frat boy and these about what girls really think about sex – on the site before, but most of the time it’s just like a lamer version of Sick Chirpse Confessions really isn’t it?

This recent series about the confessions of sex addicts though has been particularly illuminating and enlightening and is worth talking about as it’s an issue that is unfortunately often stigmatised and not talked about within communities and the media. As you’ll see by these confessions, it’s perhaps a more serious problem than you might think and people affected by it should be encouraged to speak out and get help.

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I was just diagnosed with sex addiction. I don't feel like I have a problem, but I suppose that's what an addiction is supposed to feel like.

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