12 Sex Thoughts Of Girls That Guys Don’t Know

Sex Thoughts

The new app Whisper has allowed girls to anonymously post what they think of guys in the bedroom on the internet, and the majority of it ain’t pretty.

Once again, the new app Whisper comes up trumps by allowing people to anonymously confess their secrets and then get them plastered all over the internet. Unsurprisingly, most of a girl’s (or at least the kind of girl that likes to confess sexual secrets anonymously on the internet) sex thoughts are about how guys have absolutely no idea what they’re doing in the bedroom, so if you need some help maybe check out what they’re all saying below.

Again, the fact that it’s anonymous obviously means that anyone can write in and troll people with their secrets but from what I know about girls (limited experience yadda yadda yadda) I would say that most of these gripes are fairly legitimate.

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