Frat Bros Use Secret Sharing App To Talk About How Much They Hate Frats

Frat Bros

Whisper once again exposes the secrets of people who act like they’ve got it all.

We’ve talked about Whisper on Sick Chirpse before, it’s basically an app that lets you anonymously air your dirty laundry on the Internet for millions and millions of people to hear. I’m not sure what the advantage of this is other than that you get it off your chest – I mean there aren’t gonna be any repercussions or anything are there? – but it seems like enough people are using it because these secret memes seem to be popping up every day now.

Today we’re looking at frat bros and surprise surprise they’re all unhappy with frat culture and some of them are gay and scared to come out in front of their macho hard drinking pussy chasing frat brothers. What a cliche.

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