15 Of The Weirdest Snacks Jesus’ Face Has Been Found

If you like snacks and love Jesus, you’re in the right place. Here’s a bunch of nutters who’ve found our Lord in their lunch.

People have got a natural propensity to find meaningful patterns in random shapes. Our ancient brain grunts and squeals as it trys to make the simplest sense out of the complicated things around us. Most commonly this pareidolia causes us humans to see faces where there are none.

The theory goes that evolution has favoured people who can spot and read faces ASAP. Because it’s so important to survival for us to be able to understand and read facial expressions, our brain has become oversensitive to the configuration of them.

If you mix this over eagerness to see faces with religious zeal, what do you get? You get the face of our Lord beaming out from slices of toast. All across the globe people have been seeing Jesus in snack foods probably since we were living in caves. Here’s a few of the best/worst…

1) Fish Stick

Jesus Face In Food - Fish Stick

Fred Whan from Ontario found Christ the Redeemer in a fish stick in 2003. Shocked, awestruck and desperate to make some cash, Mr Whan froze it immediately.

2) Cheeto

Jesus Face In Food - Cheeto

I like this one a lot, a Cheeto in the shape of Jesus. This wonder of the world was found by Dan and Sarah Bell in Dallas, Texas. “Cheesus” as he has been dubbed is a real dead ringer for Jesus don’t you think? Apart from the colour, and probably the salt content.

3) Breakfast Taco

Jesus Face In Food - breakfast burrito

Eighty-year-old Ernesto Gaza received a “blessing from God” in the form of a breakfast taco adorned with Jesus’ face. Apparently the cafeteria at the day care centre went nuts over it.

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