15 Of The Weirdest Snacks Jesus’ Face Has Been Found

If you like snacks and love Jesus, you’re in the right place. Here’s a bunch of nutters who’ve found our Lord in their lunch.

13) Pretzel

Jesus Face In Food - Pretzel

This pretzel looks to me more like an Art Deco sculpture in the background of an episode of Poirot. But according to Crysta Naylor (Nebraska) it is in fact Mary holding the little tiny baby Jesus. According to one source it was sold on eBay to a casino for over $10,000. That might not be true though.

14) Marmite

Jesus Face In Food - marmite

Whether you love it or hate it, or like me are ambivalent towards it (always breaking taboos), Marmite has been found harboring the image of Christ. Claire Allen from South Wales found this icon for us.

15) Sandwich

Jesus Face In Food - Duyser Food

And we’ll end on the big winner. The 10-year-old sandwich above sold for $28,000. Diane Duyser, Florida managed to flog it to the most gullible of casinos. It’s not Jesus though, it’s Mary. I don’t know why, but the amount of money spent on that thing has made me pretty angry at the world? Maybe I need to chill out, or maybe I’m just peckish? I dunno…

Well let’s go out with a bang any way. Here’s Duyser sporting a tattoo of the cheese sandwich which I’m assuming she was missing after she sold it:

Jesus Face In Food - Duyser Food Tattoo

That’s pretty nuts isn’t it? If any of you guys out there find any Jesus looking faces in things send them my way immediately: @timboynewtron

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