Christian Group Completely Screw Up iPhone Jesus Text Campaign

Jesus Text Iphone Campaign

If you’re trying to appeal to the iPhone generation, at least make sure you don’t completely and utterly screw it up.

Christians tried to get down with the kids by using a campaign featuring an iPhone to illustrate how teenagers no longer have time for our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Sounds good in theory – only they completely messed it up so that it looks like Jesus Christ has no time for the kids anymore. Way to go Christianity.

If you check out the picture below and if you’re familiar with how texting on an iPhone works – which I’m pretty sure everyone in the developed world is, except, it seems, those of the Christian faith – then you’ll notice that the character labelled Jesus Christ is actually sending the offhanded messages to the kid who desperately wants to talk to him. Smooth.

Geez Jesus, I thought you were always supposed to be there for us in our time of need? What gives?

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