Check Out This 14 Month Old Baby Shredding Rails On A Snowboard

14 Month Old Baby Shreds Snowboard

After your first step – your first snowboard lesson.

I’ve been snowboarding a couple of times and I’m not that good at it, which is why I can appreciate how sick this 14 month old kid is.

I guess his parents must have been snowboarding fanatics because they’re eager to get him up there on the slopes, and in fairness to him it looks like it was a good idea because he’s a badass. OK yeah, his parents are always stopping him and grabbing him but give him a break guys, he’s 14 months old. The fact he can barely walk, yet still snowboard down mountains and rails is seriously impressive. Probably gonna be competing at the X Games in 20 years.

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What an absolute killer. More parents should get their kids doing stuff like this when they’re young instead of mollycoddling them and worrying about them getting hurt. Well they are worried, but at least they’re letting him do some stuff and not completely smothering him is what I mean.

And what’s more, he looks like he’s having a great time and absolutely loving it, and it’s set him up to be the envy of all his friends when he’s a teenager. Great parenting basically.

The exact opposite of how these parents treat their baby pretty much.


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