This Chinese Guy Could Literally Be The Stupidest Man In The Entire World

Chinese Man Flying Kick Elevator

This is really dumb.

As far as stupidity goes, this dude is pretty far up there on the scale.

I mean we’ve all been pissed off waiting for the lift to arrive at some point in our lives – especially when you need to pee – but this is a complete and utter overreaction and the guy pays the price for it badly. Clearly he isn’t enjoying waiting for the lift so in a fit of rage he decides to run at it and hit it with a flying kick, breaking the door off.

For some reason, the guy then assumes that this means that the lift is behind the door, peels back the rest of the door and walks into the lift shaft?

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Wow. Are you dumb or something bro? What the heck was this guy thinking?

I don’t know, but I doubt he’s feeling too smart now he’s in the hospital with two broken legs. Moron. Here are a bunch of other people who were so stupid that they actually ended up dying.


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