Action Bronson’s New Music Video Will Make You Question Reality


Let me breathe.

Music videos continue to be a powerful promo video for artists and are debatably an artform all by themselves these days.

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One way to stand out from the crowd is to make them as outrageous as possible, and this is the route that rapper Action Bronson has decided to go down with his latest offering. It’s for his new song ‘Let Me Breathe’ which features on the third and final instalment of his Blue Chips mixtape series.

To say that it’s off the hook really would be an understatement – it gets really weird about three minutes in when the woman with the huge butt shows up:

Yeah I mean I’m not really sure what that was about at all, or what they were even trying to do with it? I did enjoy it though, especially when Jeff Garlin shows up out of nowhere. Probably the most random cameo ever right there. Also, is Action Bronson ever not stoned?

For more Action Bronson, check out this video of him body slamming a fan on stage. Ouch.


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