12 Places On Earth That Look Like Scenes From An Alien Planet

Why travel to Uranus when there’s so much weirdness down here?

A little while back I put together a list of some of the best places to watch a sunset. Whilst zipping through reams of amazing looking places I realised that we don’t need to leave earth’s cosy atmosphere to find some pretty alien-looking places.

Out of all of the planets in the solar system, I’m pretty glad I was born on earth. The others all seem a bit harsh. Lack of oxygen, massively hot, insanely cold. I reckon we picked a good one to settle on.

Although Venus and Jupiter sound inviting, and I bet there’s some killer views, we’re just not likely to be able to get there any time soon. Earth has more than its fair share of intense natural beauty, and you can breathe the atmosphere without dying. Win win.

Skip through the following slides and witness some incredible images of places that look like they should be in Star Trek:

1a) Pamukkale, Turkey

Alien Places On Earth - Pamukkale Turkey 2

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