9 Beaches You’ve Never Heard Of But Will Be Gagging To Visit

Life’s a beach and then you die.

Life’s a beach and then you die. We all know that. So whilst we’re still breathing let’s try and visit as many as we can. And get super smashed. Are you in?

We’ve already covered the best places to see a sunset (and I still haven’t been to a single one of them yet). Now it’s time for a short list of slightly strange beach destinations.

Over the following slides are 9 beaches that have their very own vibe to them. As with the sunset destinations, I haven’t visited a one of them, and d’you know what? I probably never will, because that’s how life treats a lazy man. Thank goodness for the internet.

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Take a gander at these beautiful oddities:

1) Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Weird Beaches - Black Sand - Hawaii

The sand’s all black thanks to the constant volcanic action in the region. It looks cool and everything, but I must admit I prefer a lighter coloured sand. But then I’m fussy like that.

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