10 Incredible Cloud Formations That Will Blow Your Mind


They’re always sat above us, but how much do you know about our fluffy atmospheric friends?

Clouds are the unsung heroes of the natural world, but we’re so used to having them lumber overhead that we tend not to notice them at all. Maybe if you’re off your chops you’ll lie on your back and pretend you can see faces in them, but in general people let clouds drift over without a second thought.

Back in the mists of time people would pay a lot more attention to these wispy behemoths because the weather was a case of life or death, hungry or full, freezing or clement. A quick glance at the clouds can give you a pretty good idea of what’s coming up in regards to the weather. In our temperature controlled environments we just let Michael Fish and the rail network worry about it.

Cloud Formations - Lenticular

Today I’m going to bring you a selection of some of the most impressive and strange clouds the world has to offer with the view to reigniting people’s interest in them. It’s a long shot I know, most people think clouds are cute or childish, but that needs to change. They’re awesome. An average sized cumulus cloud can weigh as much as 60 elephants. All of that just floating above your head and you don’t even look? Madness.

So let’s angle our heads at the sky for a moment:

1) Lenticular Clouds

Amazing Clouds - Lenticular

These UFO looking freaks generally sit on top of mountains. Relatively warm air hits the bottom of the mountain and is pushed upwards, as it rises it cools and condenses into a cloud at the top. As the air falls down the other side of the mountain it warms back up and stops being a cloud. So you’re left with a mountain wearing a hat.

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