French Letters Of Longest Living Titanic Survivor Rose Amelie Finally Translated

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Back in Europe, after having been in Paris and London, we boarded on the Titanic on April 10th 1912.

It was Mrs Stone who took got the tickets in London, and told me, delighted, that we would board on the nicest liner.

The preceding nights, I had dreamed about death, ripped open trunks : a pressentiment, maybe, made me tell [to myself] that I should not have choosen the Titanic.

The Commander Smith, even if he was about to retired, was choosen by the White Star Line to drive this floating palace for his its first travel; I can still wee see him, a handsome old man with a white beard.

It is him himself who helped me to get in the lifeboat.

During the four days that lasted the short-lived [fare?] of this splendid transatlantic liner, it was all about celebrations, ceremonial dinners of royal luxury, the toilets clothes dresses [were] somptuous, it was a display of shining jewels and of rivers of diamonds worthy of an oriental splendour.


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