Kim Jong-Un Is Pissed At North Korea’s Weather People Because Forecasts Aren’t Accurate Enough

Kim Jong-un expresses extreme displeasure over inaccurate weather forecasts in North Korea.

According to state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun, Kim Jong-Un recently paid a visit to North Korea’s meteorological facilities to complain that there are “too many incorrect” weather forecasts. They claim the above pic is of him chastising the staff there. He’s worried that inaccurate weather forecasts could have a negative impact on North Korea’s economy.

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You’ve definitely got to feel a little bit nervous if you’re one of the people working in this meteorological office. If Kim can kill members of his family and his own girlfriend for farting or whatever, he won’t give two shits about killing you for inaccurately predicting the weather. Imagine how vexed he’d be if he was expecting hot weather because the weatherman said so and he ended up wearing shorts on a cold day? Nothing more annoying for a dictator who always gets his way.

Problem is, even in more developed countries with all our advanced equipment and weather forecast machines and whatnot, we still get the weather wrong sometimes. What chance in hell do these guys have working with Windows 97 or whatever they’ve got going on? Fucked up thing is probably no one has the guts to tell him that.

Good luck to them all.


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