VIDEO: Dennis Rodman Sings Happy Birthday To Kim Jong-Un

Dennis Rodman Happy Birthday Kim Jong Un

Following on from yesterday, Dennis Rodman’s behaviour becomes even more bizarre as he sings happy birthday to Kim Jong Un in front of a packed stadium in North Korea.

Following on from yesterday’s meltdown in a CNN interview, Dennis Rodman has continued his increasingly bizarre and erratic behaviour by singing happy birthday to Kim Jong-Un in front of a packed stadium in North Korea, just before his team of retired NBA pros was about to go head to head with a North Korean basketball team.

There’s something kind of creepy and almost David Lynch like about Dennis Rodman being in this weird stadium – that kinda looks like a high school gym with seats – singing happy birthday into a microphone and it makes me really wonder whether he has actually been brainwashed or lost his mind somehow. Shit is messed up.

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