Giant Cannibal Hornets Are Beheading Their Enemies Across The UK

Japanese giant hornet

Bug spray at the ready.

If you hate insects that sting (who doesn’t) then we’ve got some bad news for you. The giant Asian hornet has arrived in the UK just in time to ruin summer.

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This absolute beast of a hornet can grow up to two inches long and can fly up to 30mph. And if that information weren’t unsettling enough, someone posted one of them in action, ruthlessly pulling the head off of its component:

Absolute savage. Sightings of this beast, which is native to Japan and other parts of Asia, were reported in Gloucestershire last year and now that the weather is hotter than ever, something tells me we’re in for a visit this year too.

If you see one of these hornets, avoid like the plague and do not piss it off. Apparently they have one of the most painful stings in the world, described as feeling like being stabbed with a hot nail. And the venom can cause an anaphylactic shock or cardiac arrest, causing between 30-40 deaths in Japan every year. Bug spray at the ready.

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