Watch This Cat Get 100% Freaked Out At The Sight Of A Massive Cucumber


This poor moggy is the jumpiest feline in the Universe.

If you’re comparing cats and dogs, it’s generally accepted that cats are the cooler and more level-headed of the two. Check out Atchoum the most terrifying cat that ever lived, as a good example.

Cats often appear off-hand and unphased by most of life’s situations. Arrogance is rife in the feline. So it’s a pleasure to see a cat who’s a bit more dappy and daft.

The following video shows a cat being scared out of its wits by a cucumber. The cucumber isn’t being thrown or waved around, it’s just sat there harmlessly; there is no reason for the cat to react like this. Perhaps we shouldn’t laugh though, maybe he’s mentally ill?

Check this out immediately:

Silly boy. Although, having laughed at the hapless moggy, perhaps the poor guy just thought it was a snake, in which case it reacted correctly. Well done cat.

If you’d like to see more odd and disturbing cat behaviour, check out the disabled “bunny cat” or perhaps you fancy seeing a cat with two faces? It’s up to you.


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